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Lobby >>
 Blloen focuses on the project, hotel lobby, church lobby, house lobby... Bright, noble and unique lobby for you, waterjet pattern, marble tile, granite tile with different colors and surfaces. Customized according to your drawing, give you the best professional service.
Special-shaped Decoration >>
 We supply high quality stone products of the specially shaped decoration. Just provide the drawing (CAD) or even pictures with approximate details, can customize the special type you want. Such as waterjets, column, sculptures etc.
Staircase >>
 The staircase has both indoor and outdoor. Supply the material of granite, marble, slate... Just provide the size and squares can deliver the goods to your door.
Kitchen & Bathroom >>
Blloen offers so many stone options for kitchen and bathroom decoration: countertop, wall & floor tile, island top, bar top etc. In here you find the right size, right style with the right price products for your kitchen and bathroom, create them now.
Exterior Wall Cladding >>
 Blloen provides stone products for exterior wall cladding, you can find and save ideas about exterior wall cladding for your project, also will recommend the popular and suitable products as your request.
Swimming Pool >>
 A perfect resort swimming pool is indispensable, slate tiles usually used in it. Anti-slip, not easy to corrosion, beautiful let people relax. A comfortable house also need a swimming pool, do not have to go out to be able to exercise at home.
Urban Landscaping >>
 Landscaping is not just a new simple lawn, garden or patio, they all have a unique style and very attractive. Granite, slate, artificial stone, limestone with many surfaces honed, flamed, mushroom, etc. Design a unique urban landscaping, give you an ideal house, garden, yard...